JUNE 6 - International "Homebirth" Day

6th June is international homebirth day. Here are some photo highlights of the Home Birth Story of Yuu. As of writing, Yuu's birth story already reached 90k reactions, 62k times shared and has 7k comments on Facebook.


Link to Facebook post : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.512730269190246&type=3

Birth Story of Yuu
July 6, 2018 | 10:51 pm | 7 lbs 4 oz, 19.29 inches
Midwife : Aileen Gay Gaa Vinoya
Doula : Doula Betty San Luis

Proud Parents : Mommy Zen & Daddy Kim


20180706 Zen_Birth_FB-15.JPG
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Truly, a birth to remember for mommy Zen and daddy Kim. Family-centered birth, relaxing birthing space with 'fairy lights', dad caught baby, semi lotus birth, and skin-to-skin with mommy & daddy (Kangaroo Care).

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"This was how I totally surrendered the birth of my son, Yuu, to my body. My body was designed for birthing from the start. It did not need my help to push or move a muscle. All it needed was for me to know and understand the design, to trust in it, to remove all doubt and fear, to loosen up and stop resisting, to allow the process to happen, and to just relax and breathe my baby into the world.

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To all expecting moms out there, however you may choose to birth, know that you are the brave and strong steward of this child whom you were made to bring to the world. The pain of labor is your friend, so embrace it, let it pass, and let it through, it will deliver your baby to you.

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Thank you Doula Beatrice Lugay-San Luis and Midwife Aileen Gay Gaa Vinoya for believing and convincing me that I can birth again without PROM, medications, and perrineal tears in the comfort of my own home.

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Thank you Cherry of Bearthside Photography for capturing these precious moments :)

...and thank you, Kim, for :
- renovating the apartment
- moving all our things in it
- making dinner
- heating all that water
- carrying all that water
- catching the baby
- cutting the cord
- cleaning, cutting, and freezing my placenta
- cleaning and washing everything 
- and caring for me pre-birth, post-birth, always, and forever"