Kate's  Birth  Story  Registry

Estimated Due Date : December 25, 2018

Birth Package Booked : Birth Photo + Film

Hi friends and family! John and I are welcoming our first bundle of joy this upcoming December. We are so excited to build our family. We want to hire a birth photographer to document this special day in our family.

Instead of a traditional baby gift, we would love for you to contribute towards our birth package!

Keep in mind:

Remember this is only an example of what your registry will look like. You want to let your friends and family know how important birth photography is to you. Write a welcome message to reflect your excitement. This is also a place to thank them for their contribution. In addition, We can add a paid percentage of your birth coverage so your friends and family can track your progress. Your paid percentage will be updated within 24 hours of contributions made. Once you've reached 100% coverage I will remove the payment option from your page and update you with your status. If you would like to add on additional services to your birth package we can update your page and payment options. The balance of your contributions may NOT be redeemed for cash, but can be used for upgrades, prints, and additional products.

Percentage of Birth Package Covered: 50%